Uploading a file to GoogleDrive using GoogleAppsScript(GAS)

Hello, I’m “Iori Nitta.” This time, I will create a simple application using Google Apps Script (GAS) to upload files to Google Drive. code.gs index.html style.html script.html With this, we have completed a simple application to send files to Google Drive. By deploying it to a publicly accessible site, you can create a convenient platform … Read more

Upload videos to Youtube on GAS(Google Apps Script)

Hello. I’m Iori-Nitta. I will describe how to use GAS(Google Apps Script) to upload video from Google Drive to Youtube. Thank you in advance. Using GAS, You can automate various tasks and make then more convenient. It would be a great honor if someone who wants to upload a video from Google Drive to YouTube … Read more

How to view PDF in Ionic, Capacitor, Angular ~ 6 selections ~

Hello. I’m “Nitta Iori”. I’m Japanese and I’m still learning English, so I’m sorry if my English is wrong. This time, I will introduce 6 ways to view PDF using Ionic, Capacitor and Angular. This PDF app Github: https://github.com/NittaIori/IonicPdf ※Judging the appearance and usability of the content of this article is my own judgment. Since … Read more